• 09 Jun 2021

    Climathon: Change-makers and innovators working together to achieve net-zero emissions

    Climathon Week - October 25-31, 2021

    Climathon is a city-based programme that offers a clear pathway to action and interaction: an opportunity for cities and citizens to co-create local ideas to shared climate challenges.

    Our cities must be carbon-neutral by 2030, and the people that live in them are a powerful force driving towards that goal. Together, cities and their citizens are best placed to achieve the zero emissions goal over the next 20 years.

    Climathon is an ideathon-based global movement that builds the foundations for tangible projects, impact-driven start-ups and long-lasting conversations with decision-makers around city plans and policies. It happens over anything from hours to days, where hundreds of cities across 6 continents and many timezones come together with diverse groups of citizens ranging from policymakers to entrepreneurs, youth to business leaders, hackers to academics, students to professionals.

    Cities are invited to take part in Climathon by:

    • Organising a Climathon, a unique event that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform climate action.

    • Collaborating with local organisers to identify the city's challenge that citizens will be working on.


    Registration is open. See the beginners' guide to Climathon!

    More information at https://climathon.climate-kic.org

    Images from https://climathon.climate-kic.org