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Key Actions

  • Intermunicipal energy coach (to assist inhabitants in their energetic renovation project)
    • Description:

      The municipalities wish to advise and assist inhabitants during the process of the energetic renovation of their homes. A designated energy coach (part-time coach appointed by Woonwinkel BDOZ for Beernem, Damme, Oostkamp, Torhout and Zedelgem and part-time coach appointed by WVI for Jabbeke, Knokke-Heist and Zuienkerke) makes an audit of the building and makes a report concerning which measures have to be taken and in which following order. The coach also helps the inhabitants to find reliable contractors. The action was prepared in 2016 (the end of this reporting period). The coaches started in 2017-2018, therefore there are no results or costs reported yet for this monitoring periode.

    • Key Action:1
    • Sectors: residential
    • Implementation timeframe:2016-2020
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  • Modal shift towards going by bike or on foot
    • Description:

      Outside the urbanized areas, there are historic connecting roads to go from one urbanized area/point of interest to the next, called "Trage Wegen" in Dutch. Most of the time, these roads are not accessible with cars (only in use for agricultural reasons and/or recreational). These roads can be used as ideal roads for pedestrians/cyclists. Some of the connections were eliminated through times, some are no longer public or in bad condition. Municipalities work on mapping them, evaluating them, maintaining them, restoring them and/or acquiring them.

    • Key Action:1
    • Sectors: transport
    • Implementation timeframe:2011-2020
    • CO2 reduction:65
    • Website:
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  • Dimming and turning off public lighting during the evening and/or night + energy efficient public lighting (according to urban/regional vision on public lighting)
    • Description:

      The municipalities of the group work in joint agreement on dimming and turning of public lighting during the evening/night. In addition, there is focus on implementing LED in new built areas, and when there is a replacement of existing lighting points.

    • Key Action:1
    • Sectors:
    • Implementation timeframe:2011-2020
    • CO2 reduction:221
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